Tuesday, March 10, 2009

90 minute ride....

Jumped on the Ruby road bike, saddle in it's original position....and voila 90 minutes with virtually no problem. While that is a short ride, considering what I have been able to do, this is a exciting for me. Well other than my cycling legs are um....someplace else. So I am going to ease back in with my low saddle and then try my Tri Bike Friday. At this point, miles is what I am after and will work on the position later. With just over 3 weeks to Cali 70.3 I need to be riding or I will have to pull our or have a sloooow bike split, neither option is really what I am looking for.

Great swim today- chilly this morning, 42 degrees. Thank goodness for a heated pool and heated showers. Nice long set this morning working with Terri on a tough interval with paddles. More kicking...as much as I don't like it, I think the kick sets loosen up my legs and work some alternate muscles from the run and bike.

Aspen was dumped on last night 15 inches.....ugh, wish I could have been there for fresh tracks this AM. Scott called me from Sheer Bliss and it sounds heavenly. Oh well. The good news is rain and cold here in San Diego so that means Mammoth is getting snow and it is not too hot. Good news for Spring Break and the Dunkle's sneaking in some more days on the mountain.

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