Thursday, November 28, 2019


I hate when I let too much time go between posts.... the longer I wait the less I write and the started blogs add up! 

This post could go on for pages and pages but then everyone gets bored and does not really read  it and I get bored typing it, let’s face it, I am not a travel writer and then my fabulous trip to Dubai never makes it  in my blog, which would  not be earth-shattering but I will have been remiss to not recap. 

If you stop reading now... that is fine but read this
1-  If you ever have the opportunity to go to Dubai then GO!  
2-  The consistent message we received was " yes we are the Middle East but we are the most liberal city in the ME.  We welcome Westerners and want you to feel safe and come visit"  

Random thoughts on the city/country
  • ·       Clean
  • ·       Stunning architecture
  • ·       1000 cranes in the city and every building under construction has 100’s of visible workers- there is NO lack of a labor work force here, most are Indian and Pakistan
  • ·      the UAE is 7 made up of 7 states:  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and 5 others you have never heard of 
  • ·       13% of the population of Dubai are Emirates, the rest ex-pats over 150-200 (depending on who you ask Nationalities)  So 100’s of races.
  • ·       English is the business language and spoken everywhere
  • ·       Servers is top-notch in hotels, restaurants, shopping etc
  • ·       People are so friendly and always ask where you are from.  I may have said Canada 
  • ·       The % of women in the Abaya is very low and even lower for men in the white robes
  • ·       Dubai is very liberal (for the Middle East) 
  • ·       There is no trash  on the streets and minimal trash bins, we learned it not custom to eat/drink while walking in the UAE.   People sit and drink coffee, eat-in establishments, no walking and NOT in their cars. 
  • ·       There is however very little walking, everyone drives, there is no infrastructure for walking.   There are few sidewalks.
  • ·       No parks and minimal green space in the city
  • ·       Did see 1 dog, saw 1 stray cat
  • ·       No guns, even by the Royal security.  It's not uncommon for Prince Mohammed to drive himself around. 
  • ·       .01% crime.  No guns, no gangs.  Ideal to walk around at night alone, however, without sidewalks not sure how I would do that, but they like to promote it, 
  • ·       Racism is not tolerated however did learn that surely it exits but it’s not prevalent.  Dubai as we know it was developed in 1966, upon the discovery of oil. 
  • ·       Falcons are the country bird.  They, in fact, carry their own passport and generally, travel in first class.  Where do they go?  Where they can hunt -  its been outlawed in Dubai (seems they were so good they have put a major dent in the rabbit and bird population,  they are so effective they were messing with the ecosystem.
  • ·       Camel Racing is a huge sport, however, the jockey is a robot vs a human. And there is a state of the art, a full medical facility for Camels.

  • ·       Camel Polo is not a big sport more of a gimmick “ for tourists, it was fun, however.  Camel rides are not comfortable, Polo is not as easy as it looks.  I locked mallets with another player and nearly fell off- the mallet is wrapped around your wrist and while recovering from my dropped mallet and having a strapless bra wardrobe malfunction the camel took off and I was nearly thrown off – saved myself but slammed my back into the saddle.  I have a nice bruise and sort of hoped when I was back at the pool, someone would say  “oh what happened? “ I casually reply  “Camel Polo”   But no one asked.    I did try to work in  "last week when I played Camel Polo...."to a few conversations just because I could. 
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is worth the 90 min drive.   It covers 30 acres and the courtyard holds 40,000 people for prayer.  Men can wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops, women have to dressed in sleeves, pants, shoes and a headscarf.  
  • Are the women treated as equals- see above for a clue, but on the surface sure, go deeper, not likely.  But as a tourist, I was treated just fine.  
  • The UAE is not a democracy, you have NO rights.  Be respectful, respect the culture, follow the laws and enjoy the visit.  
  • Lots more on Dubai.
    ...but those are the highlights  

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