Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Since I dropped the news.....

Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but in any case, since I said " I'm NOT going to Kona," things have been good. The sense of relief is HUGE, which tells me it was the right call. And I have to say THANK YOU for the public and private messages of support. So far, no regrets, but there is time for that to change.  
the beautiful wedding couple

The good thing is I have a LOT to keep me busy! 

We spent Thu-Sat in Park City at an AMAZING wedding. Jene is absolutely one of my favorite people, I could almost be her mom, but we are not going there. She is smart, talented, funny, and has her shit together. Frankly, we were honored to be invited. The weekend was so fun in every way!! And I was NOT stressed about training. 

I spent Monday-Tuesday in Palm Springs with HPN Clients siting hotels and venues and NOT stressed about training. 

actual picture not in spandex
Tuesday afternoon I had Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which is a substance that's thought to promote healing when injected. The Dr drew my blood and created the PRP by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is built on the notion that these growth factors can support healing. The process increases the number of platelets, which are then put back into the plasma.
Using ultrasound, the Dr. found the grade 2 tear in my hamstring and then injected this rich plasma. He also injected into the attachment where the tendinopathy is. I would not say it hurt, but it was also not comfortable. It s really achy now and will be inflamed and really sore for the next 72ish hours. No anti-inflammatories as the inflammation is necessary, for now. I turned down his offer for any pain medication, hoping I don't regret that tonight. 

What is next is rest......the dreaded time off. No biking for 2-3 weeks and no running for 4-6 weeks. The running I was prepared for and have not run since Santa Cruz. I was hoping after a few days I could bike, but for the best outcome, no go. And since insurance does not cover PRP is, and it is quite expensive, I am going to do all I can for the best result. I can swim away... no flip turns for 3-4 days so OW it is for me, and I will be back in the pool next week. Strenth will be a slow build-up as well and will be working with a PT on the progression.   

4 weeks of swimming and upper body and core will be a challenge, mentally! Lucky for me I have a big weekend in LA that includes a ticket to the Emmy's.... look out!!! More travel and lots of work commitments to keep me busy while my hammie heals up!  

I am happy this is mid-September so by November I can start laying the foundation for 2020. In the meantime....there may be a few more glasses of wine. 

9/23 I am starting a core + push up challenge!!!  Who is in??? 


  1. Count me in for the fun! So happy to read your latest blog and I can see the relaxation and joy in your smile.

  2. I'm in for the core and push up challenge too! Will be interested to hear how the PRP affects the injury. In the meantime, I continue to be so impressed by how you handle the challenges and take such good care of your athletes. You're so low-key about your stuff, always focused on the matter at hand whenever we discuss my plan. I was behind the 8-ball with your news - sorry!!! But I'm rooting for you and hopeful for improvements!!