Monday, January 15, 2018

Post injury, still injured, Christmas ramblings

5 weeks ago (yesterday) I was in great running shape, good off season bike shape and good swim shape and then I fell hard , really hard running down hill. again this is why I was a swimmer #nocoordination. For 2 weeks I was in a world of hurt with a  knee 3x it's normal size, a numb/tingly spot on the top of my shin (hairline fracture) and a swollen bruised hemotoma and 11 cuts on my hands of which 7 required  yes 7 I had to change them 2-3 x a day. Last count over 50 bandaids used in my healing  band-aids to prevent from bleeding all over.  Add crutches for 2 weeks because my knee/leg hurt that badly and daily I would break open a  cut or 2 on my hands from the pressure of the crutches.  Cuts on hands + crutches add to the adventure!

Timing was awesome as I had my kids + the rest of my family coming for Christmas.  12-16 people for dinner at our house the 22-26th - no problem.  Me on crutches and in pain.

So, it took a village, a lot of help  and chardonnay to pull off amazing holidays!  6 cousins together, my siblings and me +  our parents together for the first time ever over Christmas.  Considering we (the Dunkle/Braman's)  don't do Christmas, this was big for us-  Tree, lights, ornaments, red table cloth and even Christmas music.  I may have worn a few red sweaters, but no santa sweaters.

Family, food, fun and love!  Blessed to have such an amazing family! 
So the family slowly left and I was left with my knee/leg issue.  The elation of learning it was not my ACL lasted 11 seconds when I learned about the fracture. But I got to ditch the crutches, hit the pool and upper body work in the gym. Super excited for another 11 seconds then realizing I was still not running or biking.   The swimming was lame at first, 1 leg, no flip turns but it progressed fast to sorry ass turns and I was back in my lane, at the rear, but in my happy pool place.  At 2.5 weeks I was spinning on the trainer at 50% of normal power but I was happy to be moving for 11 seconds and then depressed about how my power sucked.  By 3.5 weeks I was able to ride hard and was logging some good trainer workouts.   Look at me LOVING the trainer.  Zwifting daily and slowly upgrading my kids.  At 4 weeks I cleared to do all my regular gym work- lunges, squats etc. So I picked up where I left off 4 weeks ago and last Thur knocked out a great session, it's Monday and I am still sore.   Oops- ease back into it?

I was also cleared to ride outside!  Boom -2 hours on the coast Saturday was awesome.  So logically taking advantage of the holiday today and riding Great Western Loop made total sense or was really not the smartest comeback ride.   No paid in my knee but OMG it was slow and the power was low as planned  sucked for another 11 seconds for so.

I finished the ride and reached out to Mike.

ME:  Fck I am out of shape
Mike: What month is is?
ME:   Yea yea I get it not really but that seem the appropriate response

Here is where being a coach and an athlete sometimes is like having 2 personalities.
My coaches hat on says " its January,  I have been out for a month, ease back into it. It's about building back.  You have a long season, this is where you should be. Not a big deal.

Me the neurotic athlete: I have lost ALL my fitness, I am out of shape and slow and will never be fit again.

If I dared look up my emails to Mike about this season I would recall saying... "no pressure early in the season, lets build up and have a killer late season"  that being said I should be fine, but I not :)  I want to be fit and fast  now, although not realistic.     I know that but I don't want that.  Gosh I am glad I am not my own coach.

Whats next?  Hopefully running soon :)  Once that happens (painfree) we can chat races. For now- ZERO races on the books.

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