Tuesday, August 2, 2016

19 days...

And just like that I pulled the trigger.....Ironman Coeur d' Alene.  5 weeks post IM Canada, yes I  just may be certifiable.

The day after Canada I was angry, frustrated and worked up.  I was sore all over, had bloody feet... but I felt like I had unfinished business.  

About 5 min or maybe 30 seconds into my call with Coach I interrupted and asked "what about CdA?"  He laughed... it was a good sign I guess.  See when an athlete has a sub par or shit race there are 2 ways to react.

1- F it, I'm taking a break, heading to the liquor store and stopping for pizza and donuts. I will be in touch in  a month or 12 or

2-  I NEED to race again.  

Mind you I had been to the liquor store the last night, so that was taken care of.   

Actually the night before as I was crawling into the shower saying ow, ow, ow John says "hey you can do CdA in 5 weeks"  My response had a lot of F bombs and I might have punched him, but my arms were too sore.  

riding with my sis 
I digress.  Coach said no decisions for a week, WTF?  

So I went on vacation and pretended to  did not think about it at all nor did I check the start list or flights We headed to Vancouver for 2 days of fun, I hopped to Phx for a day of work and then headed to Denver to see JD (my son) and then to Boulder to see my sis and family and Coach.  

 I took a week OFF,  did one short swim in a really long pool, toured Vancouver on Hybrid bikes, went to yoga and  hiked with my son.  Very NON triathlon for 7 days! 

hiking with JD
Coach and his family came over for dinner on Sunday and IMCdA did not come up only in my head 100 times. But it was not the time or the place, although my sis did ask at the end of the night..... LOL and it was ummmm silence, okay let's discuss tomorrow.

We met for a ride and after the niceties I said "ok, can I race?" He asks why... blah, blah, blah..... I sort of remember my reasons but really it was redemption, anger, and unfinished business.  Long pause and thuumbs up!  

What a sick sport, I am literally doing the happy dance so I can go and suffer for another 11 ish hours in 19 days. !  Right on ...  I needed one more buy in and luckily my #1 Fan is on board. Flights booked, place to stay with a friend and registered.  

Ok time to finish recovering from Canada, do a bit of work and taper again.  Let's do this!

Go Big or Go Home!

I knocked out 50 miles on the bike Monday, no records or killer efforts but felt good to ride.  Ran today with the D3 "Elite" Team- they allowed me to crash the workout even though I did not have the "elite team kit or hat" but I slummed it with some borrowed D3 gear.   We did 5x2 min "pick ups" and my legs responded, my foot did not break and other than me gasping for 02 I felt pretty darn good.  Backed that up with a chill ride with my sis and we are back in business! 

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