Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Dorito Effect

I recently read this book and highly recommend it, I am not going to do a book review but do highly recommend it if you care about food, quality and care about the unhealthy trends in this country, 

Here is a review of the book from the NY Times 

The book has a lot of in depth historical and scientific research about food, additives etc...

What hit home this am is the concept (paraphrased by me from the book) is that when we eat "clean" food (non processed) that is nutritionally balanced we become "fuller" aka satiated faster.  It is hard to binge on real food vs processed food.  Eat a bag of Doritos's, sleeve of girl scout cookies etc- no problem.    

I seriously need food presentation help from foodsensenow
A garmish and a few roasted pumpkin seeds would look nice
but this is how mine looked and I loved it 
Post swim/pool run and elliptical today I was starving, definitely under fueled and hungry.  I was craving a big plate of chips, black beans and melted cheese.  Not sure I burned enough calories to justify the nachos.  Being in a bit of a bonk, the salt/fat suggestion was calling me.  

I also had a pan of organic roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, broccoli and random other greens.  I had found a Vitamix soup recipe last night.  And here  is why I love the Vitamix, 

Add all vegetables to Vitamix, 1/2  can coconut milk, and vegetable broth as needed.  All the veggies were seasoned so no additional seasoning.  Start on Hot Soup mod and 10 min later it shuts off and I had a hot steaming creamy soup.   Served up a giant bowl WITH some quinoa chips on the side, even had another bowl and I am stuffed and very happy.  

I could easily have consumed 2-3x the calories with nachos but now am not interested.  I did however top off the soup with my favorite XOXO Almond and Seasalt Chocolate.  

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