Monday, January 4, 2016

Hard Callus Formation and A Business Deal turned around

this is a happy bone with a callus!
One would think the business success would be the leading story of today's blog.... but frankly I am more excited about the Hard Callus formation on my metatarsal.  Hard Callus formation is a complex process that is guided by the release of mineral compounds such as Calcium and Phosphate into the Cartilage tissue, which subsequently transforms into a bridge of Hard Callus over the fracture site.  What does this really mean...

1- out of the boot for good hopefully for the rest of my life

2- walking is #1 priority with proper gait and toe off.  Logged 3.7 miles with the dogs today in the trails and muscles and tendons are sore but "bone" is okay. Another blog post is about dogs when their owner cannot run.

3- tomorrow I GET to walk/jog for 15 min.  Dr A says this is NOT running, this is NOT about fitness it is about bio-mechanics. When I shared this with coach he says GOOD as in we all know you need copious amounts of help with bio mechanics. But he was very PC and was encouraging and positive.   Dr A said what happens with people like YOU  overzealous athletes is they come back from a stress fracture and roll into plantar fascitis or Achilles tendinitis due to a compensatory gait. While I love Leslie and want to be just like her, I don't want to have AT like she had. 

So....on we go.  If I can do some sort of run on Jan 5th, the world or at least those who follow me will surely know it!

I have not swam since Dec 31.  Need a few more days! 

I might be getting sick - so am throwing the arsenal at it.  

Biked over 200 miles Jan 1/2/3- go me!  Really slow but it was good to bike some miles

I was not his bold...but in my head I was 
Part 2 of today's good news.... I had a business interaction  in November where my clients boss challenged what HPN Global does and how we can really help them.  After my thorough presentation which I have been doing for 10+ years and some hard data, as in HPN Global books over $125 million a year in rooms revenue, aka, we swing a big bat!  He was less than nice and said his admin could do what I do and .....there was more but not for publication.  I had solid rebuttal in his face and was just as aggressive with why we are good, how and why I save clients time and money and even went so far as to say he was insulting me to say his admin could do what  I have 10+ year experience in...and it went on a bit.... .  I left without losing my cool but was a bit shocked at my boldness.  I was  direct, professional and shook his hand and said good luck.  I marched out to the bar, had a drink and was freaking out.   UGH!!

Well today I received a call from his admin asking me to source the meeting.  BAM!   Yes indeed.  More money to support my habit.... triathlon that is.

Happy  New Year 

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