Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Avocado Toast

Smack!  Another 8000 yard swim.

2500 warm up - continuous
4x75 b+5, 300 on base, 4x75 b+5 - 900
6x75 b+5, 6x 100 @b, 6x75 B+5 - 1500
3x300 pull - 900
150 B+5, 4x75 b+5, 150 b+5 - 600 
6x100 pull @b
1000 pull steady 
8,000 yards!

hot shower and into the sauna with organic coconut oil for my chlorinated swim. Text from my sweetie "at BB (better buzz ) what do you want?"  

large almond milk latte and avocado toast  
Arrive 10 min later with giant goggle marks and smelling like bleachy coconut to this

Avocado Toast with Arugula Salad! 

Thick wholegrain sourdough bread slathered with mashed avo, salt, pepper, tomatoes and feta.

Best recovery food out there!  This is what got me through the last 2k.

My avo toast
I make this at home ALOT

Ezekiel sprouted grain bread
mash avocado and add lime, salt, pepper and a few chili flakes- inhale

Mission accomplished
1- swim done for me
2- john's run with dogs done (he runs to the coffee place and we drive home together) 
3- am date before we start our day 

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