Monday, May 25, 2015

#mbw day 6

376.4 miles 6 days (Sunday)

87.4 miles today - slowest ride possible. Not sure we would have made the ironman bike cut off

Heidi was out guest rider today AND she brought Buddha- in hopes of lifting the spell #dbj put on us.  #bbb (bento box Buddha) rode the 87.4 miles with us today.  Around mile 25 Heidi split off as she has a life and is not chasing miles  for a shorter ride and has a race in a few weeks.

Left alone we dillie- dallied (one of my mothers top 10 words) for 6+ hours all around the county.  Going up the 78 ( in the rain) we were passed by 2 pro triathletes at a pace that made it look like we were riding 40 lb beach cruisers.   We are thinking they must have said " wow did you see those girls on Cervelo's with Di2, really they should spend the money on learning how to ride vs those bikes"  So we just laughed and tootled along.   You know you are riding slowly when your power is where your HR usually is.

It was about the miles. All was great until the epic crash ok it was really a topple over on the bike path at 4mph.  A bystander was trying to help and pick up Leslie's bike but she wanted a picture and I was laughing so hard we could not communicate to her that all was good. Some nice guy stopped in his car- all good- while this photo looks dramatic Leslie is really taking a nap.

From there it was one more stop for emergency calories.   Rockstar and Bugles - so much for clean eating.  But whatever it takes.

Rolled in around 3:00 and my adoring husband noted I looked like death. Go me :)

Recovery.... organic blue corn tortilla chips with vegan cheese and chulula sauce.  Kombucha.  2 oranges.  Carrots and honey mustard.  2nd Kombucha.  xoxo dark chocolate and sea salt.   Epsom salt bath, recovery boots and than somewhat normal.

Watched Whiplash  - HIGHLY recommend this film.  Holy cow....human emotion, drive, commitment, physical pain, mental anguish, conceit, humbling... so much to think about.

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