Monday, January 13, 2014

On with 2014.....

I started my 2013 year in review blog...4 times and each time by the time August hit I was so depressed and was so tired of hearing myself complain that I finally deleted them all.  Who wants to read about pulled hamstrings, DNF, teenage crisis, torn meniscus, surgery, mom in hospital, mom out, mom in.....blah.....

See ya 2013....onto 2014! 

Regrettably mom kicked off 14 with another broken hip and another trip to the ER and now Skilled Nursing...but things are looking up. Teenage shenanigans made for a long and sleepless NY Eve but everyone was safe and we were all just  bit more tired...the long night + mom care called for a cancellation of my Epic NY Day ride of 103 miles and MT Laguna.  I did actually start the ride but instead home from El Cajon....Epic in a very different way.

Here we are Jan 12 and thinks are looking up.... in most ways.  Riding and swimming A LOT.  Running...not to much. The PRP did not give the the relief and pain free running I was so sure the Dr promised it hoped to.... I am doing some running, very little and in some pain.  I am doing a lot of ART,icing and lacrosse ball rolling - which seems to be the most beneficial.  So if you see me getting gas, rolling my foot. in line at the store, rolling my foot- any spare time I pull out the ball and roll the foot.  As for racing in 2014...who knows -  at this pace I cannot see Oceanside happening. After a disappointing 12 and 13 of racing I am not up for anther sub standard race due to injury - I would rather coach and cheer on my athletes.

Coaching is rocking right now....more 1:1 athletes than ever before + a group training for Oceanside, as well as Masters and 1:1 swim clients.  My Sundays are now a work day.... usually 2-3 lessons and then scheduling for the week- I will gladly give up my Sunday to coach if I can still sneak out to GWL on Tuesdays for some East County Fun,

Have been riding with some new friends this year, as well as old friends and this is what I love so much about this sport..... fun times on the bike- pain, suffering, bitching, solving world problems.... it's all good.  Driving to Encinitas at least 2x week for masters to thoroughly get my rear kicked.  Last Sunday 25 x 200- this simply cannot be done on my own.  So in any case....swimming is good! 

Holidays were fun filled with family, riding bikes, drinking eggnog, experimenting with healthy Christmas Cookies....good times in 70 degree weather.

So for now....keep riding and swimming!  Coaching and working a lot at my real job- enjoying what I can do and demoing Mountain Bikes.... I wanted to do some road racing by my loving and dedicated husband frankly said he would have a hard time supporting that the inherent risk of crashing.  While he tolerates ALOT I felt it far to hear is concern...he suggest mountain bikes. Ok cool..... now the daunting yet fun task of what bike - hard tail or full suspension, how big, how heavy.... Bike shop guys says do you think you will race?  Um yes..will not be doing this for my health only.  So..... any thoughts on what kind of bike is Xterra is in my future as well as maybe Leadville? 

So....there you have it - onward to 2014!

As for Plantar is a MFer!  I have tried night splint, ART, Ultrasound, PRP, taping, Hoka's, OTC Orthotics and now custom on order orthotics is getting better- slooooowly.... but really! 

Highs of 2013....Crossfit too bad it is also a low but we are not going there, being Vegan for a month, going Paleo for a month, discovering juicing, spending New Years Eve in Cambodia with my family, a husband who sticks with me through the highs and lows,  fun summer week Tahoe, Costa Rica with my hubby,  great bonding with my daughter,  seeing my son mature- still struggling but he is launched, watching my athletes race and achieve goals, meeting new friends, buying 8 acres for our next home, earning my Newton Run Coaching Certification, winning my AG at Vineman, coaching masters at Frogs, racing and traveling with friends,  GWL (always a high), Nytro and Betty Designs for sponsorship ....many more I am sure

Lows of 2013...never mind 

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