Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid week riding.....

I am blessed, fortunate and spoiled
to sneak out to the Great Western Loop on a Tuesday!!  I know, I know....even if that means working until 8pm to make up for the fun,  GWL is my happy place,,,,even though I suffer (always) out there I LOVE it.  No stopping, lots of climbing and I have great memories....this last Tue there were just 2 of us and it was Santa Ana windy....headwind all the way out to Descanso and then yes sweet mary a tail wind most of the way back.  Skyline Trucktrail has whipping crosswinds- great practice for Havi like crosswinds.  I very rarely sit up on a descent but I was up right and on guard.  And it was fricking 80 degrees... crazy.  Really is it January? I actually used up 2 sunscreen bottles in the last week between masters and riding outside. Can you say Global Warming?  hello??  Polar what?

The other thing about GWL is you don't just ride with anyone out there....logistics are an issue and well it is my special place. So I am happy when I bring others to my playground and they suffer  and love it with me.   Thanks Les for the good company.   

With Starbucks being at the start and finish it works well.....I arrived early to do an east coast conference call pre- ride and within 10 minutes of finishing I had an iced latte and was working on an RFP.  Mobile offices are wonderful.... 

Tue AM (pre GWL) I coached an early AM run which included hill repeats.  Mako was in his glory...6am running, in the trails with lots of people,  He did pause at one point and watch them crest the hill and come back down- cocked his head "silly people going up and down the hills"  Okay...and he follows.  Not that I was doing repeats but I was able to do some running....John was there too - happy family running at sunrise!  

Going to start Tue AM runs as a ritual from Black Mountain Ranch.  Warm up on the dirt track and run hills.... see if it catches on.  If you are racing need to show up.  

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