Sunday, February 19, 2012

G'Day....from Down Under

View from the guest house deck
We planned this trip over a year ago.  8 days with my brother and family in Avalon, AU just North of Sydney.  Plan was family time, run camp- ie- Julie up early and running every day, gain running fitness, while having fun in AU..Plan  B...... broken leg and come and have fun anyway.

Rough start with 3:30 drive to LAX in Friday rush hour traffic...followed by delayed flight then 14 hours of fun - but that is all in the past and long forgotten... we are now in paradise

 Shortly after we arrived, literally within an hour we were on the boat heading out to waterski.  Sensational day. Sun was shining and we wanted to ensure we did not waste it, as rain is predicted many of the days we are here. 

Back Yard.... really it is tough here

JD was eager to ski and he opted for the single ski and popped up the first try.  He skied for a long time, finally wiped out and went for it again... and again

JD and Jax
Next up Riley and she went for 2 and the 2nd time she was up and skiing.  So awesome....we pulled into the dock, dropped of Jax and picked up Tasman + lunch and out for more fun.  This time it was the biscuit....Taz's 1st time with cousin JD.  And then the fast can Uncle Scott go- the kids are screaming and laughing the entire time- so fun to see them having so much good, clean fun.  

Early dinner and we all crashed.....major rain storm and up to another day of sunny skies

Bathing Beauty on the boat
She's up!!

Taz's 1st biscuit ride

Teenagers having "clean" fun!

So much easier to be lame in paradise....good fun, family and a nice wine cellar :)  We got up today and decided to head to the Greedy Goat   Riley decided to run...sniff, sniff- I cannot.   Scott, JD and JB opted to I decided to swim.  Yeah....swam from the back door to the beach  -  JB carried clothes, my cast and off we went.... a bit murkey but 35 minutes later I arrived.  A bit odd swimming in the baywith a pull buoy but it worked!!  Sensational eggs, mushrooms and latte and I swam back!   Gotta say.....Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles -rocked again!

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