Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Training and family and rest.....

My running continued on for another week pretty well.....I was doing the miles but the runs were getting slower and the aches were flaring up- Around Thursday of last week, I had the gut feeling again, poster tibialis was not happy and my calves were like spasming rocks... Got some torture ART and skipped a day of running- as much as I want to complete the block- one day off allowed me 3 more solid runs.   I slapped my Garmin on Sunday for my longest run and well it was utterly depressing... cadence was 86 vs 90- yes 4 steps a minute is ALOT and my pace, well we are not even going there. Yes I was tired, yes I woke up Monday sick ...blah blah blah - bottom line it was slow, so slow I started hoping there was a satellite failure someplace...

So on we go to Carlsbad 1/2 this weekend- before Sunday I was optimistic I would  have a decent run. Not a PR or even close, but a decent benchmark for the the next 9 weeks as I head into Oceanside.  And now I am fearful of a slower run flat out that I run off the bike.... we shall see!  I am happy to have company, Kristen and I shall start together...while she is a speedier runner - she plans to start slower and ease into plan try to hang with her- could be awesome or could be really painful.  

Along with all the running I ramped up the swimming.  3 swims - all 4000k minimum and I dragged my sorry self to Masters. New program in Scripps Ranch and I love it.  Small pool that is wavy but hey it simulates open water right?  10:00 masters which is perfect!  I can get up and do my run or bike early, work for a few hours and then swim-  there are 2 girls that are presently kicking by arse.  They randomly go on the 1:15 which is way out of my zip code right now so I slap on paddles and go for it.   By Friday I was just plain lats and tri's are worked.   The test set this week of 10x100 on 1:20 did not go so well..... but it is benchmarking. 

Come Thursday my brother and family arrived from Australia via Aspen for a long weekend of fun..... short visit but we will be there in a month so it was a good warm up.  We made the most of it.

Teenagers at the park
Dinner with my bro and mom

Billy turns 76!

Decorating the cake

perfect 3 boys...they wore each other out all weekend

Uncle Scott and R

Jax at Chucke Cheese...

the girls

Taz the monkey

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