Sunday, January 8, 2012

Difference of one day.....and one hour

Really? How, what.....

I came off a big bike block last week and rolled into a recovery day with swimming and then a run block started.  After a few days I was tired and that little voice was telling me, "ease up".... I was driving home from my run and was thinking a day off maybe a good idea.....chatted with coach and we agreed.  So instead of a 1 hour run Friday I slept in and had a productive day.

Saturday was my longest ride since Kona- 5:30 with some serious climbing and I felt great... I had that extra gear toward the end of the long climbs and was able to dig when I wanted too!  Good choice...really just one day allowed my to have a higher quality ride.

1 after the climbing was done on our ride, we had another 20 miles with a few moderate climbs and I decided that the rest of the ride was easy.... as in 25 watts lower than IM watts..... I was thinking forward to my long run today. legs felt good today..knocked out a 1:35 trail run and felt good and strong.... It has taken me a few years but I am getting it.... a day here, an hour there OFF, will actually make me stronger!

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