Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's What I'm Talking About.....

It's a Wednesday, In December, Nearly 80 degrees and I am riding my bike with the girls..... Oh and did I tell you it was Amy's birthday!

 So we did the best ride ever....Great Western Loop!  It was Amy's first time- really, how can that be!  But it was....we rolled out at 9 and it was already vest, no socks, just arm warmers! 
 And we rode clockwise and let the climbing was all chatter and enjoying the magnificent weather!   Just for fun, we added on 12 miles and went to Descanso and with the warm weather we actually needed more fluids.
We like Skyline Truck Trail for the descents but due to a fire we were forced to ride by Lyons Valley- really beautiful but I am convince more climbing.  As I was apologizing for more hills to Julia, she smiled and said, better to climb than ride through flames....see it's all about perspective.

Post ride.... Trader Joes Brownie mix made with Pumpkin instead of oil and added some 70% cocoa chips.... delicious (if I do say so) Birthday Brownies!  See Amy loves them too.....

Sensational day.... good ride, great weather, best company and treats at the end!  And I had a free Starbucks coupon-  oh yea - iced skinny peppermint mocha with an extra shot!   Life.....IS GRAND!

And the riding continues.... more riding tomorrow, Saturday and back in East County to kick of the New Year!  Lots of base miles.... nothing hard, nothing crazy, just logging time in the saddle with great friends (who are all off work)  

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