Friday, December 2, 2011

GU Peanut Butter.....

Peanut Butter ranks as one of my all time favorites....I love spoonfuls of crunchy all natural peanut butter right out of the jar!  I love soft peanut butter cookies. PB cliff bars, powerbars, balance bars you name it....and now GU comes out with PB GU.  Rachel had a pack on Wed and I was uber jealous as she enjoyed it at the top of our biggest climb....I was determined to score a taste. I was able to score a packet and it was every bit as good as I hoped..... This is the best GU has done!  I am already thinking of a gel flask and mixing PB and Chocolate!!


  1. Oh tat is good to hear! I have one that Nalani gave me but have not tried it yet. Now my expectations are higher! :)

  2. Ha, I should send you the 6 pack I bought. It makes me gag!