Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging break....

Blogging every day or every other day is easy. I get in a groove and think about what I want to write while I am running or swimming and then I go home and write away.  And then every once in a while I think, do I write too much, is it getting boring and I contemplate what I should write about. How do I make it more interesting but then I remember this is my blog- it's really for me.  People can read or not read - it's not like I get paid or critiqued - well maybe I do get critiqued and you just kindly keep the criticism to yourself. Although that is not entirely true...i get anonymous criticisms. Some give me pause and others I think gee, tell me your name. 

In any case...clearly I have been thinking and not blogging. And the longer that goes on the harder it gets to write because so much has happened.  So I just pick up and go, is what I am thinking.  I don't want to relive via writing the last 10 days nor does anyone want to read it.

FORE ...that is a golf term for my readers (whom I assume most are not golfers) well in any case golf is front and center around this house.  JD went through a major transformation in the fall- quitting soccer (which he has played since he was 5) and was playing at a high level- his team just moved up to Premier, and he quit lacrosse, after playing for 5 years and making Varsity last year.  Lots of reasons why and not for public any case he decided to pursue or pick up golf.

He has played off and on since he was little thanks to my Mom and Billy, who live on a course, play every day, love the country club and cannot understand why everyone else does not love and live for the game.  So he has exposure, experience but never played consistently.  Well back in November he decided to get his game on, so to speak, and see if he could make the golf team. There is no JV so it was Varsity or bust.  The kid was committed, played nearly every day, weekends, hung out with the 70+ crowd at the club taking lessons, accepting advice and working on his game.  After 9 days of tryouts he made it!  With a team of 8 there is not much room for new kids - the other 7 returned from last year.  So he is a golfer now.... the funny thing about golf if you have to iron your clothes, dress nicely and be on time are just a few of the positives.

Never did I think my 16yo would be asking for a ironing board in his room and spray starch!  Good on ya JD.  So off he goes each day playing at various Country Clubs around the county.  I am most impressed at his drive and personal commitment to this - it is all him.  And speaking of driving..thank goodness he does or he would not be playing.

Meanwhile Riley is loving JV Lacrosse.   2 games, 2 wins and 5 goals for her.  She leaves the house at 7:45 and is not home before 7 most nights- but is motivated and happy. She slams down dinner, shower and homework until 10 or so.  School is going well and she is in such a great space we are all loving it.

So that leaves a lot of time for me....kind of funny the after school connection is gone and often they are not home until after dinner and close to my bed time.  The nest is feeling empty at times.  I am adjusting my schedule to see them when I can, albeit it for 5 minutes in the AM- hey it is better than 0.  And I have 2 dinners since they both come home starving but a few hours apart- so at least I can chat with them for a bit.  

I started coaching for the Tri Club a the JCC- Mon or Wed swim workouts and I am loving it but think it may be too much too soon.  The kids schedules are fluid and I want to be at games or home when they are home (since that is so infrequent)  Twice now I have had to beg another coach to cover for me - definitely not cool, but I need to manage the family.  I think I am going to have to stop for now- in a few years I will be very free! But for now- I need to see my kids when I can.  I did commit to help with the Beginner Swim at the Cove a a few Friday's a month.  That I can do as Friday's there are no sports and the kids are usually busy.  I tried....

Training...yes I am training. Now that I am out of the camp hole I put myself in I am logging some good hours before it is taper time.  Oceanside 70.3 is (gulp) 2 weeks and 2 days away.  Where did all the time go?  The big week I hoped for this week was modified- had to listen to my old body begging for recovery time.  So we will roll out a good block and then it is what it is.  I am missing my riding buddies...between camp and recovery I have not been on the roads catching up, shooting the you know what and having fun.   Soon I hope....


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