Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seriously Java Monster....Kona Blend!  This my friends is the drink of choice to get to Kona!  Well maybe not after you look at the ingredients but I loved it anyway.

Back out at Great Western Loop today and we (Jen and I) had planned on trekking to Descanso.  Up until now we have only committed to the GWL, other than Sunday flirting with Honey Springs but quickly abandoned it.  So much that Beth was quiet as we rode pass the "opportunity" to drop and climb.

But today, I knew we "needed" to go.  I was on my NEW bike!! Cologno Flight and was loving introducing him to my favorite riding terrain.   I have to admit was was a bit rocky getting used to being on a TT bike again but soon I was a happy camper in the aero bars.  Oh and yes the power meter is back on....on many glances down I was shocked to see how high the HR was in comparison to the power...It's January, it's January.

In any case we rolled along UP toward Descanso only to #1 realize it is steeper than I recall and #2 we had a frickin headwind- a big one.  So we started whining....that kept us going and right about the time I was sure we were only 1/2 way I spied I8, sweet we almost made it. 

Descano Market was open- yes!  Filled up with Monster Coffee and we rolled into paradise....downhill for 6 miles with an awesome tail wind.  Never seen 2 girls do a 180 so dang fast.  We are smiles and loving the ride. 

Sun was out and it was a sensational day!  Tail wind most of the ride home, actually broke a sweat and were feeling dang good.  How we ever did a double or added on Kitchen Creek and Mt Laguna I don't know...but for Jan 5th we did just fine.

Thanks Jen!


  1. OKay, MINUS 5 points for you for drinking that crap. Lol. I'm such a coffee snob. ;)

  2. Thank you! It's all about the tailwind home :)

  3. You guys are so dang inspiring...and someday I hope to ride that far (that fast) and be as cute as you two are in that pic...someday ;)