Friday, October 8, 2010


Bags are packed....and for those who don't do Ironman what that means is a lot of anxiety and stress!  When you check in you get a packet and in the packet is a roll of plastic draw string bags color coded and with your race number.  

Dry Clothes Bag- this is where you put your clothes in after you get to the race at 4:00 am and finally get ready to start at 7am...what ever you were wearing and whatever you want after the race.
Bike Bag- helmet, bike shoes, race number. sunglasses, and anything else you want on the bike
Run Bag- running shoes, hat, salt tablets etc
Special needs bike- near the 1/2 way point on the bike they give you your bag with your number if you need anything- ppl put in more food, extra calories
Run special needs- same as bike but 1/2 way

Why is this meas the race is about to happen!   All this is done the day before so you have to plan well.  

Big is checked in and ready to roll......

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  1. You have the best number ever! Serously 1111 is my slightly psychic grandmothers favorite number. You are going to kill it.