Sunday, June 20, 2010

Henshaw Loop

This is a classic San Diego Triathlete ride. 100 miles, 7000 ft of elevation, guaranteed heat and a good solid ride.  You hear that the great Norman Stadler used to come to San Diego and ride it regularly as part of his Kona prep.  Last year a good friend said her coach had her riding it every week.   Friends love it and rave about it.

I did this ride last summer and I did the ride yesterday and I'm not sure I will ever do it again.  I love most of the ride, but the part I dislike, I really dislike.  We rolled from Peet's and headed out to RB and out Bear Valley to the 78. This is all great - I like that climb to Ramona and love Julian Highway and even the short back on the Highway to Dudley's. The ride to Santa Isabel is beautiful and then normally the 79 by Lake Henshaw is nice too, but yesterday there were 1000's of locusts, dive bombing us and slamming into us,  It felt like someone was throwing rocks at us. CG, TV and I are yelping, ouch, oh crap and worse as they pummeled us.

After the biblical scene of the locusts the ride turns to crap.  The road is chipped seal (St George all over again) and the ride down 76 past Rincan sucks, really sucks.  The roads are crappy, not just chipped seal but bumpy, buckled and a million obstructions (which I apparently am terrible at pointing out - sorry CG)  and there is traffic, it's hot- It ruins all the rest of the ride.   Although this is when TV rides up, not happy either and says "this is child abuse" OMG totally made my day! Then you roll to Escondido - new road which is nice, but then have to navigate North County Fair traffic and the 15.  All the good vibes and love is gone!

So here I say it- no more!!!!  I would rather ride to Santa Isabel and turn around and ride back home!

Next big ride is 4th of July weekend.  A  loop I did 2 years ago with KP-  Start the same as Henshaw loop but you stay on the 79 and take the S2 toward Anza Borrego and then you climb up Banner Grade to Julian and head home!   110 miles and it will be awesome!


  1. We should do the ride the opposite direction next time. Rincon isn't as bad going the opposite direction. If I knew you hated that segment SO bad I would have insisted that we go up Cole grade. ;) Great riding yesterday and even better week! July 3rd (or 2nd?), I'm in...

  2. i'm sooo in for the 4th of July wknd!! ....Caroline, I'll go up Cole grade nxt time w/ ya- need about 2 more long rides in my legs so I'm not purely surviving ;)