Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogging Block

So I sat down last night eager to blog away.....and I sat and sat and sat. Really, was there nothing exciting or exhilarating to blog about.  Have the last 4 days really been that boring....come on?  So I wrote a bit and literally was putting myself to sleep.  Fortunately I did not hit publish and used the self induced fatigue to fall fast asleep in my bed.

When I woke up today I pulled up the draft to see if really it was that bad.....and yes it was that bad.  So I deleted it instead of putting out blogging fluff.

But here I am again....but really what has been the best part of the last few days?  My kids, my teenagers, yes the very ones who I recently accused I believe of sucking the life out of me at times.  Yes the same ones, whose emotional bank accounts are larger than ever.   They have been simply fantastic.  School is out- YES!

They are helpful, nice to have people to clean up the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, take out the trash, wash the car....and really without much attitude, in fact usually with a "sure mom"  The two of them have played every game we own for hours on hours and even hung out laughing with me.  They are eager to go places with me, well JD wants to drive, and well Riley just wants to come along. We take turns whose iPod is played- so we fluctuate from Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga, but it is working out just fine.  Last night, Riley and her friend and me picked up JD from lacrosse with the car loaded to go fishing at Lake Poway.  They just stocked it with Catfish and JD's research prevailed that sunset is ideal Catfish catching time. So, yes it was drizzling and cold, but we packed a picnic dinner and off we went. Sidetracked at the Farmers Market at the corner of Camino del Norte and Rancho Bernardo Road (best cherries and white nectarines we have had all year) but we soon made it to the lake only to find it closed at 7pm.  Too our road trip continued with the girls singing in the back and playing their noses, JD driving and me truly having a great time.

We had out picnic in the kitchen at the Island and John joined us.  It is now after 9 and well my bedtime but off to bed I went feeling so happy.  

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