Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice bath.....

Here is John on the top of Mt Laguna taking a quick ice bath while waiting, yes waiting, for the girls to climb up Kitchen Creek. He hammered up only to tell us he decided to scream down Sunrise Hwy and be done for the day while we rode another 2 hours.

The girls who did the entire ride

Big weekend of riding.... Saturday we rolled out early and cold for Pine Valley for 80 for Haiti. Cool ride for a great cause. Adventure Corps, producers of Badwater and some other epic races put together a last minute charity ride for Haiti. 80 miles for $80. It was a fun ride...yes, no, well maybe. It was a good cause, good people and good training. The ride is actually a perfect IM training ride as you have over 6000 ft of elevation but no major hills so you can be aero most of the time. Which by the way caused a lot of pain! Have not been aero for 5 hours and the shoulders and back screamed with pain. Rode with some fun guys and we put in a good effort and worked together throughout the ride.

Rolling to the finish I was happy to get off my bike and who do I see but Trevor heading out on a transition run. Ugh.....peer pressure. So I put on my shoes and ran for 20, minutes that is, not miles. Hip felt pretty good- so glad I did it. More than the run it was fun to see the faces of all the roadies who were eating pizza and chilling and could not fathom running. Gotta love the triathletes :)

Sunday....really wanted to run San Dieguito but did not....hip is not 100% and a wicked hilly ride just would not have been a smart thing. So I only ran 45 minutes and am working to be healed.

We died...okay not died, but nearly melted at Riley's lacrosse tournament. We were in the RB High Stadium- all concrete and we had umbrellas and were still sweating buckets ( pleasant sight I know) It was amazing how much heat is generated in that place. 2 games and thank goodness we were done!

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