Thursday, December 17, 2009

Writing from Down Under....

What whirl wind it has been this last week +...

Brief catching up. My body is falling apart- pulled something in my shoulder and literally cannot life my left arm above my head. So have not swum since last Saturday. My hip is still not healed so no I have been working, packing and traveling.

Had my HPN Annual Meeting Sun-Tuesday and it was 2.5 days filled with work and a whole lot of fun. Monday night was our annual Holiday Party and historically when the group moved to the after hours party I would disappear to sleep. Well for some reason I decided to go to the Hard Rock with the group and what a mistake. Good times indeed but waking up Tuesday I felt worse than the day post Ironman. Ugh, too old for that and a good reminder about why I like to go bed and sleep.

That left me 1 day to unpack and repack for our trip to Australia. Meanwhile had work to catch up on and it was all a blur. Manged to sneak in GWL on Wednesday AM- needed a bit of exercise before the 15 hour flight and it was great to catch up with E and J before I took off.

Hectic packing and a last minute decision to leave the bike at home...$300 each way is just too much. Since Braman brought his bike- if I brought mine, well $1200! Not going to happen. Just as well- take a break KP says. We piled all our gear in the Prius - looking a bit like the Flintstones with luggage all over. Mind you we were playing Sherpa for my family to Australia- bringing all the holiday and birthday gifts. Drove to LAX parked and took over an hour to get through security but we were settled with 90 minutes to spare. JD was eager for some last minute Mexican food - so we had the worst dinner imaginable and paid over $70. Good times though- learned a few new words from the kids- ahem- cannot repeat them online.

We settled in around 10:30 for a 10:50pm departure. Brand new plane and it was very nice- comfortable seats and the entertainment options were massive- 20+ TV shows, HBO and close to 100 movies- from just released so some nice independent and foreign films. Amazing how fast the time goes when mesmerized by audio visual stimulus. Since it was the middle of the night we slept a bit and survived the journey. Long time through customs and massive traffic to S/N's house. 22 hours door to door.

Scott sent us a note that is was 90 degrees and to be sure to have sunnies and shorts. We landed to 68 and rain and were greeted by my bro and necice Tazman. Great to see she and Jackson (my nephew) It's okay, day 1 and cooler temperatures is okay. Settled in and S and the kids went kayaking and rowing in the rain.

Since S/N just returned from India they too need to prep for Christmas...since we did not decorate at home, this way the kids- well at least Riley, will get some Christmas fun. Off to get a tree this afternoon, making Granny's sugar cookies and a Gingerbread house tomorrow. JD is hoping for sunshine and some water skiing tomorrow.

Braman is off the Great Barrier Reef and will be checking in with us soon. Won't be here in Avalon Beach for a few days as his Ozzie adventure is still in play. I tried all the local bike shops but they do not "hire" bikes as they do in the US so I thought I was out of luck. My sis in law put out a plea to the local tri club and came up with a bike for me. Hooray- sounds like it maybe aluminum and heavy, but well, all the more work on the hills - right :) So glad I slipped in my shoes and helmet.

The goals is now to stay awake so we can adjust to Ozzie time....

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