Monday, January 1, 2018

And it's 2018...and I am broken

I realize now I have 3 unfinished blog's in my draft folder..... and my last blog was 10.19/17.

So much to catch up on but I am going  to glaze over it all for your sakes and mine. I embraced the off season well with increased alcohol, dietary changes that included increased sugar, processed food and loads of "off limits" eating.   It was necessary and glorious but it's time to clean it up!  30 days- no alcohol, sugar, dairy or grains.  Day 1 - success!  I did this last year for 3 weeks and the first week is the hardest, then it becomes habit.  I will do my best to be militant for 30 days and then be moderate. 

As for training .... I took a few weeks off after Kona but then resumed training at my own will and it was random.   For me the key to an off season is no mandatory anything, but I keep moving every day.  Lots of short runs with dog, some swimming and biking was off and one.   I hit the gym regularly and  pretty hard.  Notice the past tense there.....well this all came to an end on 12/19.   My running was going well and 12/15 I asked coach if I should run the Carlsbad 1/2- he says yes.  We laid out a  few long runs with the first being that weekend.   My plan was run the 2 hours and decide if I should register.   I ran in the PQ Canyon with Alex and the dogs, Alex turned around a bit early to make a shorter run, WHY did I not turn with her!  Ugh,  I was feeling great and decided to make it a 13 miler.  Around mile 10 after the sketch downhill where I was super conservative I had a bit more to go and relaxed and just ran.  I have not idea what happened but it was right knee slam, left knee graze and both hands sliding down hill.  It was a seeing stars, screaming Fck, holy sh&t kind of fall.  Dazed, teary eyed and laying on the trial , the dogs went crazy, licking and crying and worried. I knew something bad happened.   I just laid there and finally got up and tried to shake it off.   I was able to get walking but was literally dragging my right leg.  I weighed my options and there were none, I was 2 miles from the car on a trail that cars cannot access.

I called John, I just needed to talk to someone.  My plan was to tell him I fell but am okay, instead I burst into tears.  50 minutes later we make it to the car and I so relieved and I think I am okay.  I chew down 2 Aleve and get in car, bloody and likely a bit in shock.  My warped brain decides we should stop at Whole Foods and go Christmas Food shopping and then hit Starbucks.  I park and step out of the car and fall into the bushes- I cannot bear weight on my right knee/shin.   Houston we have a problem!

But I am still damned determined for coffee, so I order a mobile order and go through a drive through only to get home and realize I cannot walk.  I am crawling along the floor pushing my coffee.  WTH... meanwhile Alex is on her way, TG!  and we are off to Direct Orthopedic Care , urgent care for bones.   2 hours later I have crutches, a brace and a heap of pain and no pain killers and really no anwers.   But this is not good.  Let's just say the next  7 days were pain filled, immobile and no fun for anyone in this house.   I had an MRI and then had to wait.  I don't recommend getting injured around the holidays, plan it better, as Dr's are gone, places are closed.  In any case the final word is a proximal tibial fracture ( hairline top of the tibia near the knee) and torn meniscus.  Can I say FCK!! again and again!   Okay we were all worried it was my ACL, thank goodness it was not, but that elation lasted about 11 seconds only to realize I am out for some time.  Really- why am I so bloody uncoordinated. 

Mind you I also have 16 people coming for Christmas and I still don't have any real pain killers.  Let's just say the off season alcohol consumption doubled.  There is a lot of heart ache and pain between then and now but here we are Jan 1 and I am MUCH better than I was on 12/19 but I am not running!  I am on the trainer and swimming :)  But no clue on when I can run....thus the early season race plans are on hold.    In the big scheme it's not a big deal, I did not have any big early season race plans, but seriously, what a pain in the arse!   

More on Christmas was awesome - yes I said Christmas  and awesome on the same sentence. 

So that is my health update on Jan 1, 2018!   NO NEW YEARS DAY run for me -  Blah! 

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