Tuesday, January 2, 2018

100 x 100

The whole crew (note HB at 7mos preggars and knocked out 10k) 
It's a NY Eve, Birthday Swim, psycho swim kinda thing... I have done it many times, at one point in my life I did it weekly, but I was young and did not have a choice, but now I do. This bat shit crazy swim on 12/31 was my idea!  I challenged my athletes to it and I am beyond impressed at how many rose to the challenge, took it on and knocked it out.  Go D3

I planned our session here at our pool. 7am Sunday!  In the water 7:15 and go!

D3 crew pre swim

We had 12 crazies!  7 are my athletes and did not really have a choice but they came willingly and then added a few loyal  friends.  We took 4 lanes and teamed up by swim speed and GO!  Our lane did 1000: 15 x 100 - 4 times through.   Others did 100 x100 and the rest modified as they wanted.

My Boulder athleteAlison rallied other D3 athletes to join her, Jen knocked it out in Seattle and Sarah nearly did it in Kona in an unheated pool and Abby logged over 5K in the DR in a kidney shaped pool!  Can I tell you how excited I am that they toed the line and went for it!   The virgin 10kers are awesome!  Way to Go.

We had a ton of fun, ate heartily after and devoured a foodsensenow amazing birthday cake for Alexis!  Good friends, big swim, great year end!
We ate a LOT of that cake 

2018 is going to be epic for the Dunkle D3 Athletes!!  #doepicshit18 #gobigorgohome #jointheD3Dunklecrew

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