Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ready to Run NOT

  • A hard callus on the bone does NOT mean you are ready to run.
  • Swelling on the fracture site after 4x90 sec jog/walk means the bone is not ready to run
  • Walking proper hell to toe in soft shoes for over 6 miles is too much practice and when it swells up means I am not ready to run  
  • When it is hurts to walk it means you are not ready to run
  • Going from a boot to a run in 3 days does not happen when you 49
  • It's raining and flooding in San Diego so I am "loving" my trainer
  • Even tho the Dr said I "maybe ready to run" and I heard "you are ready to run"  I am not ready to run 
  • Swelling does not lie 
My running mileage for Dec and Jan

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