Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Race Schedule

Yes this is a blank sheet of paper....

Let's sum this up.

11/17/15- 9+ hours on my feet at a trade show, day 2, not wearing hooker heels but not wearing Hoka's either- responsible shoes with business attire. Headed out for a run along the Mediterranean at sunset on cobblestones.  End of run, top of foot was a tad sore but nothing to noticeable and off to a long night in the city.

11/18/15 9+ hours on my feet again and had to run to work out the long night of exploring Barcelona. 5 miles into the run (on cobblestones) the top of my foot was sore, really sore- walked jogged back, iced foot and stayed in that night.

11/19/15 - attempted AM run on treadmill and 5 min in, knew something was not right. 

11/20-23- hobbled through Croatia on the side of my foot taking Voltaren.

11/24/15 - diagnosed in Berlin with a stress reaction/possible fracture and sold an 800euro boot - stay off it and you will be fine.  Walked through Berlin and Prague (in the boot) 

12/1/15- back in the US at my Dr, XRAY shows full fracture the 3 days of hobbling around in Croatia likely broke the bone.

Dr says this will be 6-12 weeks and I hear 6 weeks, mark it on the calendar and plan to be running  January 12th.  

1/11/15 callous on the bone - looks good says the Dr.  You can ease into running - a bit more each day and in 2 weeks you should be running - is what I hear. But if I really recall the conversation it was more like, the callous is formed it is hard to say when you can run. Could be 2 weeks or 6 weeks, listen to your body and when you are walking pain free for 72 hours ease back into running. 

Not happening... we are at Jan 25- I can ride my bike NO issue, I can push off the walls NO issue, I can (sometimes) walk my dogs no problem, I can 1x run on the Alter G NO problem but the 2nd time, that was a problem...

Yesterday I quit triathlon for 2016 and decided to bike race.  This AM I realized it is January, my foot is almost healed.  The stress I am feeling is from the races I  HAD planned.... so after an scattered and irrational email to coach and a talk today- all races are off the table.  

Without a race looming I can listen to my foot -  when I can walk normally and function pain free for 72 hours lets discuss running and when I have run for 6 weeks let's discuss racing.

So for now.... keep swimming and biking.  The run will come when my foot says so.  

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