Sunday, May 31, 2015

What happens after #mbw

dressed for the wedding
So how do you back up a 33 hour training #mbw ?  With a 7 hour week!  Why?

1- fatigue- whether I felt it or not, I was tired
2- let that good work soak in.  we at the old age of 48 cannot roll big volume week after big volume week and not get injured or sick
3-  i need to work
4- my kids were in town

So instead of riding every day with Leslie I hung with JD and Riley.... it was the first time both kids were in our new house.

Family dinner
kids have been friends since preschool
Our days looked like this- early swim or run, yes run, for me!  rolled out of here around 9 and hit Lofty or Ironworks, cruised around, breakfast at Swami's one day, Bernardo Winery another day with my Mom.  Riley and I had some girl stuff to do... waxing, hair and nails so JD went surfing with John.  JD, R and I went to the mall, yes my 1 time a year.  I loathe shopping but we were on a mission Riley was meeting her boyfriend's parents and going to her boy's sister's wedding.  So we needed the classy/sexy look- I think we succeeded. Meanwhile JD scored clothes, after all if mom is spending $ is has to be fair.
kids and their granny

My sis came into town to help with my Mom who had surgery and we had a big dinner here on Tuesday. Almost make vegan kale enchiladas for everyone but was afraid JD would never come home so made some good ol' cheese enchiladas.   We had dinner one night with old friends from PQ, JD and Ian met in pre-school and the boys grew up together and we celebrated many holidays with them. We continued the night here looking at pictures from 20 years ago and just about died. Fun filled!

It was a whirlwind but a blast....they are both so grown up and such a joy to be around.

But I have to say.....I was really happy to log 4 hours today on the bike with Les and Maureen and do a short run with the pups!   #loveemptynest

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