Monday, May 18, 2015


Monster Bike Week begins Tuesday!   

400 miles in 7 days.

Why? Why not?  Timing is good with work.  Fairly quiet week going into Memorial Day and the 7 days includes Memorial Day so a 3 day weekend.  

Timing.  As I am barely running and Leslie is not running we can endure together.  

Work on one sport while the other is down.

How it looks per day miles

Tue        40
Wed       75
Thu        40
Fri          70
Sat         45
Sun        90

Mon       40

3 runs mixed in, daily mobility, 3 swims ( 30-40 min) 

Do Epic Shit right!

1- work
  - the "short days"  are my days I have more work.  I will be up at 5, work 5-7, walk the dogs, prep, mobility, ride and be back home for afternoon of work, Swim in evening
- long day are Wed/Fri/Sun.  Wed and Friday I will be up 4am as I have a run as well,  So mobility, run, work, ride, work.  Fortunately for me, a lot of my work can be done - after work hours, so I can "play by day" but may have a few late nights working.  

2- food
 - this takes planning as I don't want to be eating poorly and time will be limited. Day 1 shopping was today.  

Breakfast- I made a monster batch of oats, berries, almond milk - in the fridge and good go for breakfast.  Will make more Wed or Thur. 

Riding:  will mix it up as too much of the same bar gets old fast.  Will alternate with sweet, salty, savory.... yes those are maple pop tarts- a real treat!  Almond butter and honey sandwiches will be in the mix as well as the store bought Fritos and other snacks. 

Post ride/dinners.  Will have quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes on hand.  Copious amounts of veggies to toss in a pan with coconut oil/garlic and add a few eggs.    Today I made a large bowl of "vegan" cheese.  Cashews/nutritional yeast, salt and garlic - which will be tossed on most of my good.  The only animal is the eggs-  like the clean protein (vs tofu etc)  and will need it with near 30 hour week ( assuming I get in the swims etc)  

3- Etc
- Laundry : clean kit every day
- Chamoix cream- copious amounts - NO saddle sores
- Sunscreen- save my skin
- iPod - as much a I love Leslie.. 400 miles is a lot of time :)  Or we need a topic of the day, read, learn and show up ready to discuss.- 

Focus, planning and fun!!!

Dinner tonight - Quinoa and rice with roasted sweet potatoes, garlic, asparagus, leeks, mushrooms and garlic.  Topped with pumpkin seeds

not shown was dark chocolate :) 

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