Monday, May 25, 2015

#mbw DONE

Cheers to #mbw
414.2 miles ridden #mbw
37.8 miles today  on the coast with friends 

Stats for the 7 days:
Bike hours: 28.45
Swim: 3:30
Run: 2:15

Total training time: 33:30 - RECORD!!

This does not count the 20 min a day of mobility- EVERY DAY.

 thank you Coach Mike-  In our short "relationship"  Dec- May I have swam the most yards in one month (December) and had the biggest training week ever 33+ hours!    Thanks for the ongoing challenges.

So training is going well.... looking forward to racing!!! when... not sure yet.    People keep asking why #mbw (monster bike week) Well coming off an injury I wanted a focus, a goal.. a reason to get up in the morning- kidding and this was the perfect one.

Les and I laughed today- we could do this every week if we did not have jobs, husbands and a life to manage.  But it was a ton of fun!

Final ride was a cruisy coastal ride that started at Lofty Coffee with a salted caramel almond milk latte and ended at Union with a Belchin Beaver Milk Stout and brunch.

Nuff said!

1- no saddle sores... magic formula
- dump entire tube acne cream into betwixt chamois cream and stir. layer 1: Athletic ointment. layer 2: betwixt

worked like a charm!!!

PS  no mascot today. #dbj and #bbb left in the garden at my house on a religious play date.

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