Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 1 #mbw

Miles ridden this week:  40.6( not so impressive day 1)

 9 hours of sleep!  needed that after a rough night Sunday to Monday.  So I was not up at 5am but was up by 6.  Today is not a big day(of riding)  and the goal is steady all week, but vigilant.  16oz of water (before) my coffee with a bit of Boulder Salt  - perfect blend of electrolytes (or so he says): Potassum 150mg, Magnesium 140 mg ,Calcium 75 mg, Sodium 496 mg, Bicarbonate 242 mg, Chloride 750 mg

First time used it i put in a teaspoon and spewed it back into the sink (read directions much) I'm going to try today on the bike with my favorite Nuun for some flavor.  I think the 2 together are a good combo. 

no judging the photo- I am not a food
blogger nor do I play one on TV
Breakfast - bowl of overnight oats.  1 container ea: blueberries, blackberries,raspberries, roughly 2 cups organic oats, 1 c vanilla almond milk, 1 cup water, 4T maple syrup, cover shake and ready to eat.  

Worked 90 min.  Mobility 16 minutes, 20 min brisk trail hike with the pups and off to ride.
Thank you Liz for joining us on day 1  :)

40.6 miles- chill ride with Leslie and Liz. 

Got home. Pulled off a 10 min work call dong couch stretch, squat stretch and hip flexor stretch.  2:30 plank- that was HARD!  + push ups/mountainclimber and tricep dips ( all for the PA plank/arm challenge we have going on)

Shower + quick food.  Last night left overs re-heated + added egg +  roasted sweet potatoes from last night- whole food, ez and good!  Back at work... 

It is so easy to roast veggies ( I buy all organic)  - they roast much better when dry - so plan a bit and wash and let them air dry (or you can use a hair dryer like I saw Leslie to one time with kale)

brussel sprouts-  washed and trimmed in a bag from TJ.  Cut in 1/2 or 1/4's if they are big
asparagus - washed and cut
mushrooms - washed and cut into small chunks
sweet potatoes- peeled washed and chopped
6 garlic cloves diced

Tossed in coconut oil ( I microwave it to liquefy)  with salt
Big roasting pan - if the veggies are not piled up the roast better.  30 min @400. mix up at 15 min.  Last 5 min I open oven to let out all steam, move to top rack and broil 5 min to crisp.  I throw roasted seeds on top for some flavor and protein.  

Left overs - throw in a pan, heat up and drop an egg on top and that was lunch.  NO picture as I was hungry :)  


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