Saturday, February 22, 2014

What is all the hype about bibs.....

Ok so I admit....after riding for 8 years I have never owned or worn a pair of cycling bibs. These are bibs for non-cycling peeps (see pic below). Men rave about them and most women I know say they love them too.  Less chafing, less saddle sores, they don't ride up or fall down...see I have NO issues with my normal cycling shorts.    

these are cycling bibs 
This year the Nytro Womens Racing Team  kits are bibs.  First off, I LOVE the kit- as in the colors and design- thank you @Betty Designs for the great styling.  The kit is made by Champion System and I love the fabric and the feel.  The fit is perfect (that is for me as I knew they were race cut which means wicked small and sized for tiny Euro's.. as for the bibs.  I really want to love them....

I put them on this am they felt good, jersey on, sweatshirt and sweats and out to walk the dogs..... large coffee hit me and i needed a pottie stop. Hmmmm seems my bibs are pulled up- sweatshirt off, jersey off, bathroom and then I remember that I should leave the straps down ( as I see most peeps pre-ride) so I can go again and not hassle. Okay got that down.

Suit up and ready to ride and I do like the feel of them.... off we go- at 90 min I need to pee and we cannot find a bathroom, even though we just rode by 10, I thought there were convenient potties just inside Camp Pendleton- not any more.  So we tour around and say f it and find tiny big bushes. Now the fun starts... jersey off, ipod is attached to jersey, frantic pee as we are sort of out in the open.  Bibs up and ipod missing, we are now tramping around in the bushes looking for it and it is no where... so I find another tiny  large bush, undress and find the ipod shuffle... well not where you want it, lets just say,  

Okay so for all the comfort of bibs.... unless you have a catheter I am not sold.  Next stop I deal with the iPod and take off my jersey making sure my phone does not fly into the toilet and then I hold onto the jersey + phone + ipod and use a gross toilet and somehow get dressed.  

So.... I am thinking a bit of chafing and saddle sores may just be okay. 

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