Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Coach hires a coach

Since March of last year I have been winging it diligently following a training plan I write weekly.  I do actually write a plan each Sunday when I do my athlete scheduling. I write a detailed day by day plan and do none of it sort of follow it.  Mostly I end up doing what my friends are dong.  After being coached for nearly 4 years, which was amazing and I love KP and appreciate all he did for me, he nurtured through my 1st IM, listened to me sob after an IM DNF, helped me with 3 Kona qualifications, 7th place in Kona and a few AG wins at 70.3's. We had a good run.... it was not KP it was me (sounds like a break up)  But I tell you leaving a coach after 4 years feels like a break up. But we are still friends, really friends not like when you break up and say you will be friends but are not.   I digress.... bottom line  I was ready to wing it.   

In some ways it went okay. pulled off a decent 70.3 at Vineman and an AG Win, I got really strong and could finally do 5 unassisted pull ups, how that translates to triathlon I don't know, and I had fun. I also tore my meniscus, had surgery and ended up with a raging case of Plantar Fascitis, not fun.

I signed up for Oceanside and IM Whistler sometime last year... and with my foot flared up I was unsure about what to do.  Meanwhile last fall I began reaching out to my friends around the US who were racing IM and racing well and asking who was their coach, how long, thoughts, feedback etc...then I would stalk the coach, read their blog, facebook, website and I reached out to a few with here is my train wreck  story to see what they had to say or not say. It was interesting.... One coach got my attention with his reply and questions and challenges.  I was thinking about what I has been doing, what i was doing and that was exciting. 

January rolled around and I was running 2 miles, riding and swimming a lot and I knew it was time. So I spent 3 weeks riding all over the county and started over training then I emailed Chris. We had a long talk and again I was on my toes, thinking and feeling a bit anxious, a feeling I like by the way. I could tell it was a good fit and I committed.

We started that weekend that was Palm Springs.  My plan was hammer the century, crush the ride and go for sub 5:00 and cruise the run Sunday -  my longest run to date was 10 miles and it was SLOW, how slow I don't know since i was afraid  had not worn my Garmin since September.   Chris emails me the plan.... ride Saturday 80% IM watts, which is NOT a hammer fest and then Sunday start at O'side goal race pace and hang on.  Holy shit.... really start running until I die?  So I can hammer 100 miles and suffer and not stress but to run and die.. that is my biggest fear.  Suddenly I was nervous... ride on Saturday was holding back, holding back and the Sunday I shocked the heck out of myself. I was 5 min slower than last year and I have NO run base. stuff.

The I waited for my schedule  TP had Mondays workouts and then Tue was a rest day and Wed LT testing.... and nothing. I would check every hour, did he do my schedule?    What am I doing thur, fri, sat, sun...... I email Chris, reply- I can't do your schedule until we do testing. about turning over control.  So Wed LT testing done next 12 days appear and they look nothing like what I used to,  YES!   

So far I have failed a transition run and puked, missed my power targets on 1/2 my ride , ez run felt hard.... OMG But I am loving the challenge and training.  I am excited for the journey... I am nervous about workouts and 100% focused. 

I emailed about my Sat ride and tried to hijack the intervals to a hilly ride that I love... his response was awesome with the final line "its your race"  message received - no Dudleys ride, heading to Camp Pendleton for 3 x30 min intervals I may or may not make.... the bonus is I have 2 riding buddies :)    

Chris Hauth AIMP Advanced Ironman Program.... (glad I qualify for advanced) 

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