Friday, September 20, 2013

End of just a break

If you have read my blog or if you know me....I feel in love, hard, with Crossfit last April. I met so many other committed, crazed CrossFitters and love the cult.  But for every "lover" I met, I heard from others "just don't get hurt"  - either they were hurt or knew at least 5 people who got hurt doing CrossFit.

I was careful, listened to my coaches and my body.... I backed way off triathlon training as I integrated into CrossFit, I even started Yoga ( and manged to fall in love with that too)  I got stronger (and bigger- not so sure I liked that) and with time build up triathlon training.  I pulled off a great race at Vineman and was sure I had this all figured out.

Somewhere post Vineman something changed.... either I got more aggressive, stopped really listening or just.....but I noticed my shoulder was a bit sore (the one with a torn labrum),  my right ITB was not loosening up, my left calf was wicked sore.... but I was rolling, massaging and manging.  Then my life got really stressful and I stopped sleeping, eating was awesome at times and then I would realize dinner the night before was Angry Orchard Cider(s),  an avocado with lime and lots of dark chocolate almonds (really not eating to win)  The more stress I had going on the harder I pushed at CrossFit. It was easy, rewarding and so fun.

I woke up one day sore as hell, left plantar fired off, right ITB so sore it was not mobile, visibly swollen knee with a cyst bulging out the back and a shoulder  that hurt to wash my hair.  Wow....what happened.   The "un"perfect storm.  Crap!!!

So... no running (argh), no swimming (yeah excuse to not swim) and easy cycling.  If I ride hard the cyst fills and it hurts.  No CrossFit :( and no fun.... okay that is an exaggeration.   It is the off season in a big way and time to get whole again.   I have a big year (hopefully) next year and come December, I may be fat and out of shape, but I will be injury free.

My Planar is nearly pain free, my shoulder is 80% ( I can swim a bit without pain) just no lifting, my ITB is much better but the cyst is not.  So more rest for the injuries to ease up and more Dr's for the cyst.  Worst case is a relatively easy ( or so I have read) surgical procedure to remove it and 2 weeks later I can be running.  So we will see what the Dr says next week.

I am doing a LOT of yoga and with back to back Sculpt classes am thoroughly sore  it hurts to sit (lunges) and my back and arms are killing me too.  I am a glutton...I know, I know but trying to stay sane here.   Went to a 30 min core class this week and sneezing and coughing are currently not an option. Ouch!!!  So we shall see...

I  am not giving up on CrossFit!  The challenge is that it is all about muscle confusion and so you are always its not like you "adapt" and then are okay.  That's what makes CrossFit awesome....but now long runs on the trails sounds awesome.   

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