Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CrossFit vs Pilates

I am on a CrossFit sabbatical and am really upset about it  because I overdid it, did not listen to that little okay screaming voice that this hurts  I am letting my body heal.  Am I too old for CrossFit- not likely. Am I too competitive for CrossFit likely but will not admit it.  Is CrossFit + endurance training at 46 risky...see sabbatical above.  

I LOVE CrossFit but there are haters
There was a recent article published Crossfit's Dirty Little Secret which I think is BS...but interesting.  CrossFit gets a bad is NOT military training with ripped people yelling at you, it is NOT kill, kill, kill. Is it a cult?  I ask you is triathlon a cult? YES...after 1 week at CrossFit I loved it for the reason I love triathlon. You have to be a bit whacked, be fun loving and willing to just go for it.  Triathletes and Cross Fitters are SO different in many ways, but so alike in their CF or Triathlete Geekdom, obsessiveness and true passion. There are a lot cool things to be passionate about.  The fact there is so much negative energy on CrossFit makes me love it more....sort of the like how much hate the Republicans can foster on the Democrats. 

As my shoulder calms down ( no heavy lifting) and I await an MRI for my knee (possible torn meniscus)  I am sidelined from CrossFit and running.  can I tell you how upsetting this is.   I can't really swim - shoulder hurts. I can ride slowly which is no fun which I am thankful for and I can do some non impact weights. 
Pilates Reformer Stations

Enter...Pilates.  I went to my first class this AM at Club Pilates - where we use the Reformer. Sort of looks like a scary bench for torture with pulleys, weights, bars, balls, matts, boxes.. I was told to do Reformer 1 so I could learn how it works- but well I started with 1.5. I am impressed I did that and did not jump to Reformer 3.  It was 50 minutes and I can tell you 11 hours later I can definitely feel it- my knee/shoulder are not in pain.  It was not boring but it was not CrossFit.  The music was nice, the instructor was nice, the other people were nice... I like the sweaty box with Deej's crappy music and the energy that CrossFit brings.  That is what make CrossFIt rock- the pure energy of the people.  The pure energy that jacked my shoulder and knee....argh! 

I am committed to staying strong so in the interim I will use my 8 Groupons and see this through.  

Sort of how I am feeling these days
I am so grumpy  happy I can ride like a 12 yo girl, do Pilates with pregnant women,  and walk not run  my dogs  

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