Monday, November 26, 2012


So much to be thankful parents are both alive and well, my kids are healthy and safe at least I think so, John and me are both employed and we are surrounded by so many wonderful friends.  We lead a blessed life!!! 

This Thanksgiving was extra special as JD came home from his 1st year away to college....we were all so eager to have the house full again and he did not disappoint.

We had 3+ days of laughing, hanging out and great nights. 

After the 10K AM run the kids went to see their Dad's family for an early Thanksgiving and were home by 4 and Mom and Billy came over.....for a really overcooked Turkey (was done 90 minutes early and 15 degrees over done), really mushy gluten free stuffing...but we had great company and a nice dinner! this year was about family and NOT the food :)  

Relaxing and fun..laughing and insightful talks wth JD- it is so great to hear his opinions on so much. He has really grown up a lot in the few short months away..

We sadly said good bye but he will be home in 3 weeks for Christmas!    

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