Wednesday, November 14, 2012

swim, swim, swim.....

3 weeks ago I tackled a swim challenge (of my own) that has been rolling around in head for years... 25,000 yards in 7 days.  In college we did 10-15,000 yards per DAY but I digress.   25 years later 25k seems like a lot.  

I did it Mon: 5k by myself, Tue: 5k solo, Thur: 5500k Encinitas Masters, Fri: 3k solo, Sat: 2500k, Sun: 4k - DONE. 

My plan was back to normal and the next week I was at 10K with 2 workouts and decided to make it a clean 15k, which ended up being a 5600 workout and we have 15k. So then I think okay 40k in 2 weeks- not bad.

I was last off the blocks in most cases.... can you say
slow twitch?
This week...Monday- my arms are sore but knocked out 4200. Tuesday was the 1st (not sure if annual) SD Tri Club Swim Meet.  7:30-9:30- okay first off I like to go to bed at 8:30 and it was cold out.  But I forced encouraged a few of my athletes to participate so I was committed.  Like a lot of things once you get there you have fun!   I signed up for relays, 50,100,200,500 free and 50 fly.  There were 1-3 heats of each event and it was really, really cold!   Relays were mixed ability and totally fun,  50 free all out- I was excited for the swim meet.  Next event 200 free and I in the last heat and within a 50 am in dead last.  Nice....I went too hard on the 3rd and died and sort of just cruised in.   1st place went 1:57.  Really?  Just out of college and competed in 08 Olympic Trials.  I am convinced I could have been all of heat 3's Mom..just sayin or making excuses and blaming my age.    
this was NOT us  you get the idea
Thankfully there was a hot tub and we chilled in there and laughed and began questioning why we signed up for the 500 free.  Then we planted the seed that since they were running behind maybe they should cancel it.  Please, please cancel the 500.   When then took a survey it was mixed and they decided to go ahead.  Ok I'm in but I am swimming heat 1 - not with the wicked fast dude who would surely lap me a few times.   I have to say my time was not any faster than in practice but it was fun.  Wait I did the 50 free, dove in goggles ripped off and I swam with my eyes closes but did not lose my contacts.   And did I mention I was in last place?   But here I am telling my athletes not to worry about where they place, but proud for coming out and trying.  so easy to be a total hypocrite and get all pissy when it is me,  But I embraced my own advice.  We laughed a lot and it was truly a great night.

My dedicated husband, after knocking off a PR 5 mile run in the AM, working all day and commuting by bike came along and was a timer for the entire meet.

And now.....Friday I am tackling another goal of sorts or complete insanity  100x100's...gasp.  At one point in my life I did this once a month..but now - I just hope I can survive.

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