Monday, November 26, 2012

Day OFF x 2

I and all other obsessive, competitive triathletes  like to post about our amazing swim, bike, run we are killing it, crushing it and making it happen, 

But sometimes the harder thing to do is to take pause and rest....I am coming off a big week and yesterday was a day off - full day off, which does not happen very often because I hate days off.  But coach had a day off and it was a big family day so I listened and took the day off and was in bed last night by 8:45.

Today was a recovery day, a solid swim.  I was in the parking lot mustering the energy to swim and I got an email from Coach saying "if you are as tired as I suspect, consider trimming this week."  AHA!  I am tired, I am lacking motivation ( # 1 sign to me that I am tired) ... but still I thought maybe a short swim, maybe a little workout.  But I decided to listen to that little voice and let it go.

I had big run Thursday- short but all out, Friday big swim (ok not a big deal) but Saturday longest ride since last simmer..Palomar baby from our front door- more on that later, but a huge effort. So choice #1 push the effort today and risk fatigue later this week or choice # recover and let my body absorb the hard work and get stronger later in the week. It I was 30 - suck it up and train, but at 46 recovery is AS important than the next smash fest workout.

Day 2 off!!! The rest of the week of training ramps up toward a big weekend..... riding to Borrego Springs and camping out and then riding home the next day.   Gunnar  will be chief Sherpa and bring all out gear so John, Liz and I can ride the 90 miles out there.  Riley, her friend, Zen and Mako will come out late Saturday to join the fun.  Big ride home....makes for a cycling weekend and a get-a-way all in one.  

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