Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Traveling Tire

John (my husband) rides a nice carbon Giant Bike that is has a tool bag the size of a small suitcase and is filled with tubes, patches, tools, cables ..almost everything you need for on the road bike maintenance.  And it has come in handy...during the Death Ride my front cable snapped, JB fixed it and off we need for SAG. He also carries a spare tire, not because he rides tubulars and needs an extra tire, but because he is prepared.

Thank God he does,..this tire has saved Cameron on the GWL after 4+ flats and a blown sidewall, Polly during Grand Fondo tear in the tire and 3+ flats, Liz riding up 78 and we had used a shim to deal with a tear early in the ride but it finally gave out and yesterday Amy after 3 flats and visible hole in the tire.  Yesterday could not have been more perfect...after Masters Swim we headed out on a recovery ride and soon had problems.  But we were about a mile from my house and John was within .5 miles of us on his bike, heading in our direction with the tire. I pedaled up to meet him, grabbed the tired, we fixed Amy's bike and finished our ride,

I like that each time the tire comes back....sort of like the Traveling Pants...  Anyway this tire has saved a lot of rides

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