Monday, May 14, 2012

So much to catch up on.....

When I take a few days off it turns into a few weeks..... I keep thinking of blogging and then I have so much to say and how to say it all or not all or how what to forget...  So here is the long and short of it..

1- I am running!!!! yeah baby....pretty consistently- did a split run on Friday 45 min in the AM and 30 min in the pm and feeling good. Backed that up with a 90 min run up Black Mountain today and all is good.  So....I am pretty darn sure IM Lake Placid is going to happen!  So I have to stay smart and keep building- but I l see a 90 min run on my schedule for next week so that is good....and lots of short runs.  And I ran with my hubby and Mako- such fun!!! John and I fell in love running with Rocky so this is just perfect- so much fun!

2- Training is going well.....nuff said on that (see above)

3- Work is outstanding.....traveled to NO last week (for my real job)  with one of my fav clients and had some fun, did some business and did not return home too wiped out.  My coaching is going soooo well I am just elated!   I have over 7 swimming students right now and they are rockin it.  2 more new ones this week and I love it-   every one of them is eager to learn and improving rapidly. I just bought a new book  Swim Speed Secrets and am really excited about using some of Sheila's great insight.

4- ITU Triathlon Race....Riley, Amy and I worked the Women's Elite Aid Station on the run course and it was inspiring to see those women gutting it out and watching Laura Bennett earn her slot on the US Olympic Team- so so fun.....

5- Fire in the we were handing out water to elite triathletes JD was fighting a garage fire.   One of John's electric bikes caught on fire.... dogs went nuts - good fire alarm and JD was level headed and loaded the dogs in the car and backed it out of the garage, found a working fire extinguisher and was putting it out when the RSVP cruised by and called 911.  3 fire engines and 2 police cruisers (and the neighborhood looking on) and the fire was out..... He was calm, cool and collected. Well done boy scout...who is not really a boy scout
6 - Mother's Day....running with Mako and John and then Hunger Games + wine with my Mom and finally dinner with JD and RM after their 11 hour day of Lifeguard Certification. Tired kids.....but came through with sentimental cards + chocolate.  And my talented, devoted husband make me an amazing chair :) 

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