Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recovery....dogs know how to do it!

After Makos 90 minute trail run on Sunday...he drank a big bowl of water and ate 2 bowls of food and then slept for 4-5 hours... he was recovered and recharged by 5pm. So much in fact he had a major wrestling match and tore is tongue...but I digress.  So I finished the same run, hydrated and ate- did a few hours of training plans, went to a movie with my mom. had a glass of wine and then came home walked the dogs, did laundry and prepped dinner.... hmmmmm- I need Mako's life to be a better Ironman.

Today- we did another long trail run..... we both hydrated well- he refused calories during the run - perhaps he is more metabolic efficient than I.  Post run we both re- hydrated and shared Gluten Free Pumpkin pancakes (he refused his dog food- I know if he is hungry enough he will eat it) but sharing breakfast with my running partner is fun.  Zen was outraged....see he is nearly 10 and his morning run is less than 1 mile and he already ate and napped while Mako and I ran.   Here we were are few hours post run and Mako is 2 hours into a recovery nap...I am on the phone, negotiating contracts, planning site inspections.... I need Mako's life! 

But I like my own too....especially since I get a massage at lunch :)

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