Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Growing up......

Its funny when your kids are little people ALWAYS say and I was always annoyed just wait and in the blink of any eye  he/she will be off to college. They would say this when JD was throwing a tantrum in the grocery store or Riley was wandering off and I was the totally frazzled Mom just trying to keep it together.  At the time, I would look at them and say promise, do you really promise oh I know I am enjoying them while I can.   You know what.......I hate to say it but they are right. 

I swear we went from total madness to Prom.... We went from not sleeping through the night to waiting up until 2am for him to come home.  How did this happen....wait I want to go back and snuggle more, read more stories in bed..... ok not really but I just wish I could have cherished that time more....but it is hard because you are going 100 miles an hour-

I was running all the time and I was not even a triathlete...I was chasing 2 kids and trying to manage life.   Really it's all good....he is growing up- graduating June 7th.  Off to China for a month in July to learn Mandarin and experience a radically different culture....home for a few weeks and then off to University of Northern Colorado!

Well I cannot go back but I can make the best of the next few months.... sniff, sniff

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