Friday, May 18, 2012

Back in the Ocean

First real OW swim of the season and it was not forgiving....a beautiful day in San Diego but windy - and windy means choppy and swells.   Swam from LJ Shores at 12:15 and had to get past the break- not an issue but then it was like a washing machine all the way over- big swells and hard to even see La Jolla Cove.  I was feeling a big sea sick but got in my meditative groove and was at the cove in 22 min- decent.  I figured the return would be much faster as I was fighting the much for that theory, I finally found solid ground at 45 minutes.  Big swells and a continuous swim....oof! 

Challenging I would say and a reminder how much different a continuous swim is vs a master workout in a 25 yard pool.   I am committed 1x week, minimum, between now and Ironman Lake Placid.

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