Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I was a swimmer....

Sometimes people ask why swimming? How did you end up a swimmer? Part fish? not really, I think it was by default and really because I am so uncoordinated and accident prone.  For those who know me, I have the most random accidents that end in some kind of peril.  Swimming was safe....well for the most part -other than the time I fractured my heel doing a flip turn- yes really in the middle of the 1650 I got too close and slammed my feet on the gutter.  Being a distance swimmer I never kicked much, but ouch, that really hurt.... I finished the race, don't recall my time, dragged myself out and had  a hard time walking to the warm down pool...  Next morning my foot was blue and well I ended up in cast.   Other than that....the water is pretty cushy.

Well I no longer am a fish nor relish spending my life in the water.   So I do a lot on land and subsequently have issues...... there was dropped weight and broken toes in October. the random plate breaking and 7 stitches in 2010, the broken fingers playing ball with Zen...and the list goes on.

Usually I have been fortunate enough to do such random acts in the off season....that is until yesterday.  I was exhausted and took a quick nap.  On the way downstairs , with an arm full of sheets, the dogs rushed me and pushed ahead, who knew we were racing to the bottom, caught the sheets and when I stepped down and slid down the last 4 stairs...rolled my ankle, heard that special pop, and was crumpled on the landing.   Heart racing I got up and was panicked....but it felt okay, I tentatively stepped on it and I was optimistic.  It started to swell almost immediately...but I was still feeling optimistic.   I iced and elevated and went to the park with the dogs.  The longer I stood the more it throbbed....

By the time I went to bed it was painful and had a really rough night- anytime I moved it hurt - tried to elevate it but hard to sleep..... The panic really set in around 2am...when I could not really walk the the bathroom- there goes the Palm Springs Century on  Saturday, the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday and the fun weekend with the Nytro girls....the longer I stayed awake the more I worried.... finally got up and was googling sprains...4-6 weeks- then the tears came- there goes Oceanside.... Crap! 

Too soon to panic you say....ha not really.   Nothing like getting a call from the Dr at 5:00 telling me I have a oblique fracture of the fibula....I was speechless- seriously- come the rolled ankle seemed okay and now I am waiting on the orthopedic for the next step....boot for sure, review of the xray and hopefully the fracture is set. 

Looks like a big swim block (with a pull buoy) is in my future....

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