Friday, February 10, 2012

Update.....change in plans

So amazing how Wednesday afternoon I was tired from a decent ride, run and swim and prepping for a mega training weekend...carefully eating the right recovery food, making sure I had enough protein, fluids etc..... planning my fueling for a big weekend of training.   And now....I am eating carrots and honey mustard and drinking chardonnay.   Now that is a meal of champions..... or a meal of an injured, frustrated, depressed athlete.....

So yes I am having a pity party..... I took a solid 6 weeks off in Oct/Nov and got out of shape and fat
(okay it's relative but gained 8 lbs) and then worked my way back.... patiently gaining fitness, battled some illness but was feeling awesome!  And with 8 weeks to go to Oceanside I was patient, able to have real recovery weeks and then lay out a 20hour week.  No injuries or niggling issues....I was so ready do well come March 31!  And then in a blink of an eye or a slip of a few is all gone!

I have searing pain and boot that is really uncomfortable....cannot or do anything right now as the fracture is unstable.   And it hurts....throbbing most of the day- unless it is elevated and I am sitting still, which I am not good at.  I have my moments of calm and then my moments of rage....

I see an Ortho Surgeon on Tuesday who will decide if surgery is a good idea.... at this point I am open to anything that will heal me faster, not that that is the answer.   So now I have time..... lots of it!   Hanging with my kids, as long as they are home- which they are not, trying to be productive but not all that successful right now.   The good news is that in one week we are headed to Australia for 8 days....while my plan in AU was to water ski and run every day, at least I  will be out of this environment.   Hanging with my brother and family will be a great distraction. 

In the meantime I am researching trainers as I do not own one.  Riding on the road will not be for a while....but a trainer will allow me to get back on the bike sooner than later.  6-8 weeks is an eternity....

So I will take this one day at a time..... try and be positive! 


  1. BLAH! I would be totally depressed as well. Glad you have that AUS trip to take your mind off this at least a little bit. I'd giev you my trainer if we lived nearby... it is just on the patio collecting dust.

  2. First all I seriously am sorry for you! I went through THIS in 2005. Have surgery- Esp if your fracture is unstable. Then aggressive physical therapy and ice/cold therapy machine if you can get. I can give you TONS of information. email
    You are a phenomenal athlete and you WILL GET BACK. Trust me.

  3. BLAH IS RIGHT. SO SORRY To hear this. I had a bum achilles for a big chunk of time and it sucks. HEAL FAST.!! And, a trainer? Hands down a computrainer. bar none!! Have fun in AUS.