Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spin Class

 I was so excited to get return from AU so I could exercise....okay that sounds horrible- wonderful family vacation or smelly spin class?   That came out poorly....I am going nuts not being able to train- swimming just does not do it for me, especially when I nearly freeze to death.  And in the charming town of Avalon, AU there is NO gym with cardio equipment- one coming in March (does me a lot of good)  So....since our vacation had to end, kids had to return to school, I had to return to my pretend job....I have access to exercise (that is approved for my broken leg)
 So Monday AM....I am off to the gym to try the Elliptical!  At the gym there are 3 different brands and I had to try them all to find out which one was most stable with my boot!  Found one- yeah 30 minute sweat fest and it felt sooo good!  Note to self - need to wear some sort of absorbent sock as the inside of the boot was soaked....yeah it is already quite nasty- sand, powder, dirt, grass...

Off the Elliptical and onto Spin Class.   I have new shoes with SPD cleats for the spin bikes.  Getting the shoes on posed a challenge as I had to wiggle my leg (ouch) to get the foot in.  But off I went with my 2 bottles and 3 towels ( I hear you sweat a lot)  The room was nearly full and I went to the back.  Loud, really loud music (I feel old)  And off we go.....I am dying within 10 minutes- out of breath and sweating buckets.  I look at the clock, really 10 minutes?   On we go....I did it all- there was a lot of up and down, standing climbs etc which I cannot do - but managed to get a killer workout.  I felt uncoordinated, out of shape and frankly the class was miserable...but I am riding a bike!  Really some chick blasting music and yelling at me the whole time....ok- slight exaggeration but that is how I felt, really.    I have 2 good friends that teach spin and I am sure they do a great job....I may have to scout out their classes.

From there I went to Masters....almost feel like a real athlete again.

I loved it so much I went back for round 2 today....different teacher, better music, still did  not enjoy the class. But I got a workout in....better than last few weeks. 

On the swimming front- how is it that some guys put on a pull buoy
 and go faster? Me, I am so slow with a buoy (and my compromised flip turns)....really amazes me.  And its harder....I am shocked how sore I am -  even though I really don't kick, I do kick.... And when the set is on base interval I have to put the paddles on- simply not feasible to go on 1:20 with a buoy.

Tonight I am setting up the trainer - see I don't own one, borrowed one, (thank you C)...never really ridden on one-  I just LOVE to ride outside so this is all new....but I'm not sure I can go to a spin class every day without killing someone, so I will give this a go,  I have some really fast friends who do most rides on the time to suck it up and give it a go!  

I know....everything is so negative.  I'm working on it!

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