Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Adventure Swim

So today was projected to be warm and clear! Kids plan was to head to Sydney for the day after a bit of water skiing and breakfast at The Boat House in Palm Beach. My plan was a big swim, 4000+ meters from the house to the Boat House for breakfast and a ride back in the boat.  

The sun was out as planned.... the water felt chilly, much cooler than 2 days ago. But off I went and John and Nancy were to follow soon thereafter in Kayaks. Within 10 minutes I was chilled, but was not too worried. I figured I would keep a solid pace and be cold when I finished but it would be so gratifying to swim up on the beach get warm and have a huge breakfast.

By 30 minutes I was cramping, and I never cramp....not a good sign. I could no longer hold the pull buoy so I tossed it to John. Actually moving my foot a bit felt good- my ankle has gotten so stiff in the boot and I have started doing flexibility exercises. At first it was quite painful but loosened up and was feeling fine. I soon lost interest and realized I was shivering and swimming. 

I glanced at my watch and was at 45 minutes... I still had to round another point and was not sure I would make it in 15 minutes. And this is when it all gets sketchy....I started cramping from feet to hands and was shivering and my teeth were chattering while swimming. I picked up the pace to try and get really warm but it simply did not work.  

Suddenly I was having trouble breathing and cramping badly....I grabbed onto John's kayak and was scared. Luckily we were close to shore and we got to shore and I huddled in a ball shivering and teeth chattering. Scott and kids soon came and I swam to the boat and begin the thawing out process. It was bizarre....I was so cold and really the water cannot be that cold. No clue what happened.....but it I felt like I was in the artic sea.

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