Thursday, January 5, 2012


Do you benchmark your swimming? If you ride with power you know how fit you are. Running is easy, especially with a Garmin, even without you can run on a track and know your pace. Early season if we test ourselves are PE (perceived effort is generally high and power low on the bike and pace a bit off on the run) But that is ok, that means we took an off season.

What about swimming....maybe you were leading the 1:30 lane in October and now you are drafting off the back- surely you watch the clock and can tell if the 100's are faster or slower. Some Masters workouts do "test" sets- all out efforts on more rest to "test" your fitness. But many do not and many of us swim on our own.

S0, I challenge you to 2 benchmarking sets,

1: 1000 yards or meters for time. Get in a long warm-up, 1000 yards +- and then do it nonstop and finish tired. If you blow the pace and die, hang in there and finish. Best to wear a watch and hit start and go. Record the time, how you felt, maybe what you did the previous day etc. Commit to 1x week- look for gradual improvement, assuming you are swimming regularly. Don't be discouraged if you dip at times- if you swim on a Monday following a 100+ mile ride and a long run, you may be tired.

I plan mine tomorrow and considering I have been in the pool 7 times since 10/8 I know it will not be fast, pretty or fun. But it is a start.....

As for the other test set....stay tuned!

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