Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ah ha!!!

Forced rest, drugs, homeopathy....working a bit but not totally. Had to bail out of the Carlsbad 1/2 as I was just not feeling well Saturday night.  After a long nap was still worn down... Monday I took R to the Dr as she has been sick for over a week and her Dr is asking her does she have a headache in the center of her forehead (I'm thinking I do and have had one for weeks  now ), do her ears feel full? hard to hear? ( I have been telling my family I am going deaf), when she pressed on her sinus's was it tender ( I can hardly wear swim goggles it is so tender)....she does an exam and tells us R has a sinus infection and the light bulb went off....Off to urgent care I go and gee I have lots of fluid in my ear, inflamed and infected sinuses.... whamo!  Z Pack Antibiotics and I am on the mend.... never occurred to me.   But I am so thankful to really and truly be getting better not just mind over matter convincing myself I am feeling better (which actually works pretty well for about 1/2 the day)

So with that...yet another recovery week that is building back into serious training the next 2 weeks but before that JD and I are headed to CO Springs tonight to do some college tours...few nights there and then off to Greeley followed by a weekend of cross training in Breckenridge with my sis and family.  Lots of new snow!! 

So I will be running at altitude.... skiing and then back Monday to hit it hard training!

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  1. I get sinus infections all the time - I never had them until after age 38, but now, with a major cold, comes a sinus infection and you feel AWFUL..but on the meds and we are new people. HOPE you feel better!