Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Call the fashion police

I am tired of cold feet after my ride, walking the dog, sitting at my desk......we are suffering with 40 degree weather here in San Diego (get out the violin) and my feet have been cold since Christmas.  Maybe because I really don't own socks, maybe.  In any case after riding when my feet are numb, despite socks and toe warmers I want warm shoes!  So after much searching I found the solution... the first 10 shoes I found that looked really warm and were slip ons were for kids aged 3-5.  Hmmmm maybe this is not an adult fashion.

But thanks the the www I was able to find grown up mammoth crocs.  These were on clearance if you can believe it.  My color choices were black (scary looking) or these delightful pink and brown crocs.   My outfit of late has been compression tights and my crocs.

As I breezed out the door to run a few errands, JD says "are you really going shopping like that?"  I reviewed my outfit and well 1- my legs were killing me from all the running and 2- my feet were so warm  so yes was the answer.  I put on a mid thigh purple gortex jacket to make the outfit.   I was warm and comfy.  I must admit that I do see people glance at the shoes and then do a double take- as if, are those for real.  See they are ginormous- to have the fuzzy lining they had to make the uber wide.  Crocs are not exactly known for the slimming foot look anyway.

So one more addition to my tri-geek wardrobe.

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  1. Ha! I know- we don't wear socks here either (or even close-toed shoes for that matter) so my feet are always cold in the winter. WAH! Lol.